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Early Days... but looking like IVF

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Tonks123 Wed 28-Sep-16 20:06:06

This is my first ever post so apologise if I break any internet rules!
I've been with my other half for around 4 years, and we've not used protection for 3 years. We've never had even a scare.
This evening we went to the doctors to talk things through and even at this stage it's looking like some form of IVF or at least some help.
The boyfriend has been tested in the past and has lazy sperm. The doctor was great and explained that as long as there is sperm they can work with it.
We are at the super early stage so at the moment all I am booked in for is a blood test and him to give a sample of his stuff.
I was hoping there was someone who has been in a similar boat that will share their story please? I've no idea what to expect or if I should get my hopes up at this stage. Just any insight in to what could happen over the next few months / years would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance smile xxx

BoBo90 Wed 28-Sep-16 21:45:35

So sorry you are having a long ttc journey flowers

This may be a silly question but are you tracking ovulation and dtd around egg release or just having unprotected sex throughout the months? xx

AgainPlease Wed 28-Sep-16 21:52:57

Hi Tonks! Might be better to post on the "infertility" board as lots of women on there to support you and offer advice (though I appreciate "conception" is one and the same).

After close to two years TTC with DH, first year just very casual, second year monitoring my ovulation, we underwent IVF treatment. Our infertility was unexplained, both DH and I completely healthy (and young!) etc but just wasn't happening for us.

Will you be going private or NHS?

Either way, prepare yourself for loads and loads of various tests before you'll get the green light for IVF.

Good luck!

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