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Two years ttc #2

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BummyMummy77 Wed 28-Sep-16 12:19:59

Ds took two years to conceive, been trying for another two and a half and had a miscarriage.

Sorry to start a new thread but there's SO many different ones on here I didn't know where to start.

We have an appointment to see someone next week but as we're in the states and have no healthcare it'll just be simple testing and not much else we can afford.

I just want to know if it's worth the agony of carrying on.

I'm 40 soon and can't carry on with this indefinitely, it's really effecting our marriage and my mh health. Is there just a point you reach where you give up? I don't feel it's that simple.

If anyone does know of a better thread to direct me to I'd be happy or just post away here. smile

BummyMummy77 Wed 28-Sep-16 12:20:55

Oops my mh not my mh health.

weloveearlysleeptime Wed 28-Sep-16 12:36:17

Didnt want to read and run, hang in there. Have u tried vitamins / minerals, fertility gels like preseed, as well as adjusting diet etc? Bone marrow broth soup is a good fertility supplement ( esp if uve had a MC before) with good health benefits. I guess no one has any ready answers as to when u 'give up'. Ttc isnt an easy journey hang in there.

BummyMummy77 Wed 28-Sep-16 17:11:43

Thanks for your response.

I've tried vitamins and minerals. I'll look in to changing my diet and the bone broth, I'd not heard of those.

I doubt I will either from any doctor here, they err on the extremely medical side.

The preseed gel I've not heard of either. I'll have a fair amount of googling this afternoon.

I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating. I'm getting positives on opks and charting etc. I've had a couple of ovarian cysts burst but an ultra sound showed nothing as my over active bowel was in the way. About £1700 for that alone. sad

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