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A collection of poas

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MoonlightMojitos Tue 27-Sep-16 23:46:00

If anyone is interested! First pic (onestep hcg and clearblue) 9dpo (afternoon pee). Yes I'm sure on my dates, it was a shocker that early!

Cb digital 10dpo

Opk (because why not!) And cb today at 12dpo. The cb hasn't got any darker which is surprising, obviously not as sensitive as I thought? But also still early at 12dpo I guess and not fmu.

Any requests let me know 😂

Notyetthere Tue 27-Sep-16 23:49:19

Yes! get a Frer into the mix to complete the collectiongringringrin

Congratulations. All are bfp!

I have responded to your post on the ttc1 thread

MoonlightMojitos Tue 27-Sep-16 23:54:35

Haha, Saturday afternoon after getting a very faint squinter on the cheapy in the morning I drove round my town to every shop trying to find a frer and nowhere sells them, which is why I came home with a collection of clearblues! I don't know where people buy them apart from online?! I'm all out now, going to have to do a sneaky final shop this weekend so I can see a 2-3 weeks!

Notyetthere Tue 27-Sep-16 23:58:12

I got my Frers from boots at London Bridge

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