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Concerns over weight and conception

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Almondbiscotti Sun 25-Sep-16 15:04:27

I am overweight (bad BMI over 35) - 5ft6 and 94kg. I am 31 next month but really want to have 3 kids ideally before 35 but I realise this is unrealistic.

What I don't know is whether to delay TTC to try to shift some weight or just TTC and see if how I get on. I have regular periods and don't have any reasons to think I have fertility issues.

Concern is that I will not be able to lose weight whilst pregnant (I understand it isn't recommended) and if I get on with TTC may be harder to shift weight with babies on my hand and less time to myself but leaving it later puts me at risk of fertility chances dropping.

What would you do?

Thanks so much xx

MrsCharlieD Sun 25-Sep-16 16:14:17

I had ds with a bmi of 39. It was a surprise pregnancy as we hadn't been using protection for years and I'd never been caught. I genuinely believed in couldn't get pregnant. I had a consultant led pregnancy but that basically meant I saw the consultant 3 times during my entire pregnancy and that was it. I never suffered from any of this issue was warned about such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or spd but I do realise I was just incredibly lucky and it could so easily have been a different story. I had a good pregnancy and a normal vaginal delivery with no interventions and only gas and air pain relief. We are now ttc number 2 and I'm going to join slimming world. A number of reasons really, because I worry pregnancy with a 2 yo will be so.much harder than last time and I might not be so lucky twice. It's definitely advisable to lose weight before getting pregnant but I am proof a plus size pregnancy and birth can be straight forward. Good luck with whatever you decide x

delilahbucket Sun 25-Sep-16 16:17:41

I got my bmi from 33 to 26 last year. Once it was under 30 we started ttc. I did this as I didn't want to be obese and pregnant. It can really limit your choices depending on your care giver. It puts you and the baby at risk of a whole host of things. I k ow there's the brigade that insists it won't hinder you at all and you should just go for it, and in some cases it will be fine, but I would rather not run the risk. I say it is as important as stopping smoking.
Weight affects not just ovulation but also your ability to sustain progesterone and therefore maintain a pregnancy. Fat produces oestrogen. Too much oestrogen will dominate your progesterone and even if you are ovulating, you will not hold a pregnancy.
If you have no reason to believe you have fertility issues I would wait for six months and concentrating on getting your bmi down. My sil had her first at 33 and third at 39. My friend had her first at 41 and another at 43. There's plenty of time for you yet.

MouseLove Sun 25-Sep-16 23:02:22

Hey AlmondBiscotti
This year I have lost over 2 stone in my TTC journey. I still have more weight to move but this was an important step in making my body ready for a baby.

I really think you should focus on lowering that BMI to at least under 35 before taking the next step.

I have lost my weight via exercise and healthy eating. No diets, no slimming clubs just honest work and good food.

Good luck!!

Mummyme87 Mon 26-Sep-16 08:47:32

I have a BMI of 34 and want to lose 2 stone at least before TTC DC2. I am doing slimming world and 5lb down coming up to 2wrrks in. I will continue SW whilst pregnant in hope to keep losing some weight and keep my weight gain low. I had undiagnosed gestational diabetes last time and really want to avoid that this time. I think my c section recovery was hindered by my weight last time and desperate to avoid the same complications again. The risks of pre eclampsia, gestational diabetes, DVT, c section, wound infections, post partem haemorrhage etc are so much higher in higher BMIs (over 30).

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