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Jenswish Mon 05-Feb-07 10:38:22

Where are my favourite girls!

Hope you find this thread!

NatalieJane Mon 05-Feb-07 12:27:24


I know you are at lunch so I am trying to get you pick one up subconciously!!!

munz Mon 05-Feb-07 12:28:13

come on hoping for some good news from you

wuzzlefraggle Mon 05-Feb-07 12:40:54

AAAHHHHHH!!! jen! where u been??? i started freaking out coz i couldnt find your thread lol.

are you needing a pregnancy test?????

NatalieJane Mon 05-Feb-07 13:21:32

I'm sure she won't mind me telling you, she is two weeks late, been sick this morning and has lost weight (same as other pregnancy's)

She is worried about her new promotion at work though....

Jenswish Mon 05-Feb-07 13:52:23

I'm back. I bought a test but I don't need to pee yet.

wuzzlefraggle Mon 05-Feb-07 13:57:54

*wuzz pours water into a glass over and over* pee!!! pee!!!

omg, so u think ur pg???

Jenswish Mon 05-Feb-07 13:59:32

Ha ha Wuzz...

I don't think that's gonna do it.

well there's a few signs and I haven't been on the pill for over a year so there's every chance I could be.

Do you remember me coming off the pill on here, I haven't had it since then,

NatalieJane Mon 05-Feb-07 13:59:48

Excuses excuses

I have to go out, you'd better have done it by the time I get back (3.30-ish, maybe a bit before if I hurry!!)

peachygirl Mon 05-Feb-07 14:00:04

Hi just spotted this..ooooh drink a big glass of water.
Hi you two!!

wuzzlefraggle Mon 05-Feb-07 14:01:15

bloody hell!! omg i cant believe this. will it be a welcome surprise???

wuzzlefraggle Mon 05-Feb-07 14:01:55

hiya peachy lol and nat of corse lol

NatalieJane Mon 05-Feb-07 14:04:22

Look here Gushing water always does the trick

I really have to go now! xxx

Jenswish Mon 05-Feb-07 14:08:58

ok BFN... and I'm actually dissapointed so I know that if BFp i'd have been ok with it.

Although i'll leave it for a while and test again if nothing in a nother week cos it's too much of a coincidence.

wuzzlefraggle Mon 05-Feb-07 14:09:55

awwww, sorry jen, but like you said, try again in a few days just incase.. are you and dp going to be trying for a baby again then??

peachygirl Mon 05-Feb-07 14:10:06

ooh nooo... but you could be right it can take time for things to really show up. Lovely to see you again

Jenswish Mon 05-Feb-07 14:13:16

we're not trying as just got a promotion. Want to wait till I pass my 3 month probabtion on the promotion first.

wannaBeWhateverIWannaBe Mon 05-Feb-07 14:14:30

ooooh jen have often wondered where you are/how you're doing.

sorry about the bfn. have you cycles sorted themselves out then? I know that when you came off pill you had some eratic ones - are they more regular now?

Jenswish Mon 05-Feb-07 14:17:54

I dunno tbh, I've not really kept check on them as got new job and was concentrating on that. Plus we said we'd forget about it and leave it up to fate!! ha ha


How is everyone then, long time no talk!

wuzzlefraggle Mon 05-Feb-07 14:17:58

aaahhh i see! so hows the promotion going then??

Jenswish Mon 05-Feb-07 14:21:08

Well I haven't started it yet. Meant to be starting some time this week, will be good though.

wuzzlefraggle Mon 05-Feb-07 14:21:43

alls fine here

nna is 3 months and 4 days old. got her 2nd lot of jabs friday. and my god, typin is hard while cuddling her lol

as for me, im doing good


wuzzlefraggle Mon 05-Feb-07 14:22:19

anna, i meant

peachygirl Mon 05-Feb-07 14:23:52

Things good here too, I'm now 38 weeks and hae a C- section booked for thurs 15th baby is breech and firmly wedged in!
Wow wuzz I can't believe it where has that time gone?
Hi wannabe

Jenswish Mon 05-Feb-07 14:25:35

Ahh Anna....... I want her.....

Theres 3 people in the office preg and it's been making me moody but I wanted to make sure that baby would have a good foothold before it.

I'm good, apart from sore boobs and sick.

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