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Ttc 12 months no period what now?

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ElleyBear13 Wed 21-Sep-16 16:04:38

Hello all, I've been trying to concieve baby "number 2" (after years of mc/chemicals) we have a ds whose 13 months but I've had no period since falling pregnant 22 months ago - ds is currently combo fed(bf morning and night) does anyone know what we can do? cx

physicskate Wed 21-Sep-16 20:35:32

I've heard stopping bf may induce cycles to start again...

YouBoggleMyMind Wed 21-Sep-16 21:04:10

You can also get provera (a type of progesterone) to induce a period. You shouldn't really leave it longer as there's a risk of uterine cancer. Go see your GP. Good luck xx

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