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I don't understand ("Faint Positive")

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Eac274 Wed 21-Sep-16 10:52:51

So, last Friday, the day my period was due, I did a HPT, and almost straight away got a clear BFP. I went to the doctors that afternoon and was told they needed to confirm the pregnancy, and to bring in a urine sample on Monday, which I did. Today (Wednesday) I rang up for the result, and was told it was a "faint positive" and that the doctor would like me to do it again, and to come in for another sample container, which will then be next week until I get the result from that.

Meanwhile, I've been feeling more and more early pregnant, and I just want to move things along.

I thought a positive was a positive? I just honestly don't understand why I have to keep doing this, when I've read that most doctors would take my HPT BFP to be proof enough that I'm pregnant!

TurquoiseDress Wed 21-Sep-16 11:20:47


Why didn't they just test your urine there and then when you took it in?
Yes I would think a positive is just that and doesn't require another test to check.

In my area you can just self-refer to the midwives locally once you have a positive test result.

There's nothing more for the GP to add, unless they are the only ones who can refer to the midwives.

Just continue taking your folic acid & vitamin D.
It's a long old wait till booking appointments & dating scan, there's not much more you can do to move things along.

DocMcFanjo Wed 21-Sep-16 11:32:17

Pregnancy tests in GP surgeries are actually less sensitive than the first response type ones most people buy. Hence the positive line may well be lighter than the one you got at home.

That said, a line is a line so I think requesting smother test is overkill. I usually refer based on a home test alone.

So in summary- totally expected result, bit of an unnecessary repeat needed, bottom line- CONGRATULATIONS!

Eac274 Wed 21-Sep-16 11:58:08

I honestly don't know why they didn't do it there and then - all I know is they sent my sample to a local hospital where they did the test, and the same will happen this time. I can't see anything about self referral in my area, otherwise I'd try that. This seems overkill, and a waste of NHS time and money tbh.

Thanks both for the reassurance. It's what I need right now. My OH can't understand why this has upset me so much, but it's really felt like a kick in the teeth. I know it doesn't speed anything up, but it's a waste of my time to have to go back to the doctors today to pick up a sample pot again, and then again on Friday with the sample (because I can't do it today or tomorrow, that wouldn't be enough time since the last test hmm) and then to ring them again next week, when I could be getting on with other things.

TurquoiseDress Wed 21-Sep-16 13:03:31

All sounds a bit pointless for a PT- they are a "bedside test" and don't need to get sent off to laboratories.

I've always used those cheap sticks you can buy off your internet- GP surgeries & hospitals have them, v sensitive but only once you've missed a period.

I've never bought an early response one- they'd be far too expensive for gps/hospitals to use.

A positive is a positive result!

If you're worried, just buy your own test (I know you've done one at home already).

MadAsABagOfCats Wed 21-Sep-16 13:11:22

I would have thought if your period was due last friday, you could give a sample at any time of the day and it should show up positive if you are pregnant. With dc1, I got a bfp on a cb digi, the doctor's test was a very faint line, but she said because the digi was positive, I could take it as a positive because her test wasn't as sensitive. Good luck on monday flowers

Fluffsnuts Wed 21-Sep-16 14:47:34

Our surgery doesn't stock pregnancy tests either - they send them off the local hospital too, depends on your area. Though they don't confirm pregnancies either, only suspected ones.

Take another HPT if you are worried, I'd just put it down to lab errors and just send another in.

passingthrough1 Wed 21-Sep-16 15:30:31

What a waste of time though! I didn't realise I could self refer so went to GPs for my pregnancy though they never made me do a test, just took my word for it. Next time won't even be bothering with that and will self refer. Odd that it's different in different areas.

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