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TWW.....symptom please

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LottieB30 Tue 20-Sep-16 15:10:50

Hi all

I am currently cd26 and 7dpo (9 days since positive ov test) and I've had a much different month to 'normal'. I normally have a 28-30 day cycle.

I wondered if any one he experience cm post ovulation that I could only describe as snot?? Mine had a slight pink tint and I had it on day 5 and 6 dpo. I've also had a really full feeling even when I am hungry to eat. I have not experienced these before in my 7 months of ttc.

I've just arrived in Majorca for a week away with my husband and am really hoping my af doesn't show her ugly face this month!

Thanks in advance for any guidance/advice!


bassetmum Wed 21-Sep-16 11:04:49

I am currently 7dpo (I think, I had a pain I could only describe as ovary pain last Wednesday) and I had a similar thing with snot type cm on days 4-6 dpo, which was a sort of beige colour, looked a little bit like an old blood colour mixed in (bit tmi haha). This is my first cycle after taking the pill for 11 years so who knows if it is just my hormones settling down or anything more positive. My biggest thing at the moment is my boobs feel huge and my nipples a little tender. Again who knows what that means. Fx for baby dust all around.

LottieB30 Wed 21-Sep-16 17:05:18

Thanks bassetmum - defo in the same boat with symptoms. My boobs have felt much bigger than normal (they aren't that big B cup!) and my nipples quite sensitive.

But unfortunately I think I might be out....hubby and I DTD yesterday and I def had brown blood (sorry tmi) come out with the 'flow back'.... sad

Hope it works out for you! Keep me posted! X

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