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Implantation bleeding or early period D22

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Lizzie1988 Tue 20-Sep-16 11:02:18

Morning Everyone.

I had an ectopic pregnancy back in February and had emergency surgery to remove one of my tubes. I had my first period a couple of weeks later. Since then my cycles have been fairly inconsistent with them varying between 30 days and the shortest being 26 days. The majority have been 28-30 days though.

This month we dtd every other day pretty much and definitely caught what I would have thought was round ovulation (all the symptoms but I didn’t confirm with any ovulation tests). I started spotting then quicjkly turned into fairly heavy bleeding on Saturday night, day 22 of my cycle. The bleeding carried on into Sunday and then lightly yesterday before stopping completely yesterday afternoon/ early evening. The bleeding only lasted 2 days, my normal period lasts 4-5 days usually.

My first thought when it happened was dread and it being another ectopic but with the bleeding stopping and no other symptoms I’m not sure whether it was a very early period or maybe even implantation bleeding (seemed too heavy from what I have read though).

Does anyone have any ideas, I am thinking it will be too early to test for pregnancy/ too unlikely but I am wondering why I have had such a short cycle if it is just a period.
Any input would be appreciated

Thanks x

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