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TTC after termination for medical reasons - is it mad/bad/dangerous to start trying straight away?

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lolasspeakeasy Mon 19-Sep-16 11:35:41

Can anyone talk sense into me? I have just had a heart-breaking termination for chromosomal issues incompatible with life. I am into my 40s and time is not on my side so am desperate to start trying again straightaway. I need to wait though, don't I?

Alibaba2 Mon 19-Sep-16 18:20:21

Sorry to hear that Lola.

I don't think you're crazy to start now. In my first month or two after MC, I wasn't emotionally ready but tried anyway. I'm getting stronger each month. It's a nice thing to focus on but then some people say the more you switch off the better. But not sure how scientific that is.

Good luck!

mariam89 Mon 19-Sep-16 18:34:56

At what stage did you terminate? Would you terminate again if a chromosomal issue was found ? I am sure you know that as women age there are increased rates of chromosomal abnormalities in their eggs.
I would think twice

Alibaba2 Mon 19-Sep-16 18:40:00

I think it's unlikely to happen twice Maria and would you give up if it was you? I wouldn't.

lolasspeakeasy Mon 19-Sep-16 19:11:37

Thanks alibaba. I can't work out from what I am reading whether I would be putting myself at higher risk of miscarriage in the unlikely event I actually got pregnant.

Mariam, at 12 weeks. The chromosomal issue we had is not related to maternal age. Could happen to anyone and this time we were just unlucky. But of course I am utterly terrified of something going wrong again, this has been amongst the most traumatic and heartbreaking periods of my life.

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