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Please help!

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user1474277560 Mon 19-Sep-16 10:36:14

Hello everyone!

Right so, 18 mths ago I had a d&c due to a MMC, at xmas then I had a MC and both times my cycle has got back to normal pretty quick, the last time it was within a month. Since Jan, I've had a period every month but varies from 2 days to 4 days and varies slightly in date but has been every month since Jan.

So, I am now a week late but having no symptoms besides feeling very tired and cranky. Had incredibly sore boobs (like I often do prior to AF) this month but no sign of implantation or period or any other Preg symptoms.

I've done 2 cheapie tests and both were BFN, this was after being 2 days late and 4 days late. I am now 1.5 weeks late and my boobs have just started hurting again!

Does anyone have any advice or similar stories? I'm driving myself mad!!! An y help or advice would be very gratefully received!


I am now over 2 weeks late, no period and boobs are getting more painful. when i take my bra off I can barely handle the pain, it's had me close to tears the last few days and i can feel it when I walk even!! Anyone had any similar experiences?

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