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Sore boobs, sad face

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Lalalax3 Sat 17-Sep-16 23:15:58

Well DH and I certainly aren't trying for DC2 but I have a feeling we may have conceived him/her. Had a quick shag on Mon night, I wasn't concerned because I knew I'd had my period while we were on holiday and that was two weeks ago - it wasn't, it was one week ago, it just felt like that long! Some speedy maths showed that we'd shagged exactly 2 weeks after my last period started, slap bang in the middle of my fertile window. Today i spent the afternoon with a hot bottle on my belly because of huge cramps, I also bent over and my boobs ached like crazy. Waaaaaay too early to test but feel pretty certain I'm preg. Anyone else in a similar boat?

MmmMalbec Sun 18-Sep-16 13:06:35

Most people on here are actively trying (and often struggling) to conceive. You might get more responses in the pregnancy section, where I'm sure there will be some women who are accidentally pregnant. Although, I'm not sure it's been long enough for you to have actual pregnancy symptoms, so maybe there's no need to worry yet.

I hope you get the outcome you want.

Lalalax3 Sun 18-Sep-16 13:33:37

So I'm not allowed to feel sad and worried about conceiving another child? Errr, I think I am. And I think there are probably other women out there who may have felt similarly. I wasn't aware this was a forum for just moonbeams and 'baby dust'.

BoBo90 Sun 18-Sep-16 15:28:01

Calm down mrsgembles! Malbec was jut giving you some advice to help you get more results.

You're too early to have symptoms. Implantation won't have happened yet so don't panic. Just wait it out and test next week 😊 Also if another baby is not great right now you need to double check your dates or use contraception before dtd

MmmMalbec Sun 18-Sep-16 18:10:34

Of course you're allowed to feel sad if you don't want another baby. I didn't remotely insinuate that you weren't. I was just trying to point you in a direction where you might get more than the zero responses that you'd received.

At no point have I ever wished baby dust on anyone either hmm. Thanks Bobo smile

haveacupoftea Sun 18-Sep-16 18:22:52

Dont worry, one shag is pretty unlikely to result in conception. Do you normally get sore breasts before your period?

If you are pregnant might be best to lose the hot water bottle btw

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