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Shadow lines

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WalkingBlind Sat 17-Sep-16 23:09:04

I feel like im seeing things now. I've taken multiple tests every day for days bc I'm very compulsive (AF not due for 3-4days but I'm addicted to POAS if that's possible!)

I have samples from all time of day and 5 different brands of test confused Every single one has an evap/shadow line and now I'm thinking maybe my eyesight is just strong and I can see where the line would be.

Do negative tests have absolutely no mark there whatsoever? None of these lines have colour and DP can only see one out of a fair few.

I know I need to wait for AF but in the meantime has anyone else found they can see some sort of mark on every test and its still negative? Too faint to even show on camera

MmmMalbec Sun 18-Sep-16 13:09:30

If it's got no colour I'm pretty sure it's just a mark where the test line should be. Wait a few more days and use a FRER. Good luck!

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