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Conception Vitamins Confusion

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Dennae Sat 17-Sep-16 19:14:19


I'm new to these boards (barring a spot of light lurking) and this is my first post.

Age - 34 (35 next month)
TTC #1
Cycle 6
CD 25

Our efforts are currently on brief hiatus due to my surprise laparoscopic Cholecystectomy last week and we are also getting married in 3 weeks and so i'm prepping to get straight back to it from my next fertile window. which will hopefully be just after the wedding- although i was supposed to ovulate around my surgery date so this may be completely out of sync now.

With this in mind I asked my GP about what additional vitamins I could be taking. I'm overweight so taking a prescribed higher dose of folic acid along with an over the counter vitamin D supplement as per GPs advice. DP is taking D and Zinc - when he remembers or I give him the look.

However, when I look at some of the branded supplements out there there seems to be a lot more going on. I have been contemplating investing in the Wellman supplements as they worked pretty well (and quickly) for friend of mine but as I would still have to pay for the hefty folic acid supplement and these are also pretty expensive

My GP gave the distinct impression that anything more than what I am currently taking would be a waste of my money. However, given my age, my weight, my maybe possibly PCOS (GP helpfully said that it wasn't worth checking and we should just assume based on symptoms that I do have PCOS) and the fact I have previously miscarried i'm a little obsessed over the finer details like what the absolute best combination of vitamins for conceiving a healthy happy baby might be.

Any advice on what this magic combo might be will be gratefully received.

MmmMalbec Sun 18-Sep-16 18:25:13

The NHS just recommends folic acid and vitamin d. Conception vitamins aren't a miracle way to get pregnant at all, so it's totally up to you whether or not you want to take them. I got pregnant taking seven seas trying for a baby last time but this time they've made me ovulate really late and also bleed randomly throughout the month. So I'm just taking folic acid and vitamin d.

Asda do some of them for 3 for £10 so that's a bit cheaper than some other places. Good luck!

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