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Help! To be or not to be pregnant

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Maranello4 Sat 17-Sep-16 16:46:17

Hi there I'm looking for some advice please. I took a pregnancy test last Saturday which cam back positive. However, yesterday I had some spotting after going for a wee (sorry if tmi!) - pinky red in the morning X1 and then brown in the evening. I didn't have any spotting with my first child so became a bit paranoid and looked online which suggests that this could be early signs of a miscarriage - or can be a completely normal part of pregnancy and nothing to worry about. Feeling even more paranoid I did another test late afternoon today which came back negative. I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning and re-test to see if this is more accurate. My question is what do I do next if it comes back as negative again. Go to the Doctor? Hospital?

KitKat1985 Sat 17-Sep-16 18:16:22

When was your period due?

I would say that if you had a positive a week ago but are now getting negatives the options are either:

1) Your positive last Saturday was false and was an evaporation line or similar and you were never actually pregnant.
2) The test you took today was faulty and you are still pregnant.
3) You've had a very early miscarriage and your HCG levels have dropped quickly back down to 'negative' pregnancy test levels.

I'd do another test really to confirm either way. Realistically speaking if you get another negative there's not really anything that can be done, and that either option 1 or 3 outlined above happened. There's not really much a doctor or hospital would be able to do other than be sympathetic. Having said that though it might be worth making an appointment in a few weeks if you hadn't had a period by then, to see if they can work out what's going on with your hormones.

Sorry. flowers

Maranello4 Sat 17-Sep-16 19:16:22

Hi Thanks for your advice, really good to know the different areas. My period was due on 5th September and I originally tested on the 20th (around 15 dpo) with a positive cross and then again on the 21st with Clear Blue version (pregnant/not pregnant) as it's sometimes difficult to tell if it's a cross or not...! You're absolutely right, not much anyone can do if it's a 'not pregnant' result - other than wait for my period I guess? That's the part I was worried about as I'm also taking Clomid. Thank you again x

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