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Agnus Castus TTC how long should I take it?

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RachaelCatWhisperer Sat 17-Sep-16 11:31:11

Morining all,

I’m taking agnus castus to help conceive and I’m confused about how long to use it for. I started taking it because I have quite variable cycles, swaying from 26 – 36 days, I wasn’t convinced I was getting the mystical EWCM, plus last month there didn’t seem long between ovulation and period starting, so I was hoping it would extend my luteal phase.

I started taking it on day 1 of my last period, and its now day 36. I think its 15 days since ovulation, if I’m reading the signs right. I did a test three days ago, on the date my period tracker app told me I was due (very unscientific, as its only based on dates) and it was negative. Did another test first thing this morning and that was negative too. But, still no period.

As I haven’t been pregnant before, I’m not certain of what other symptoms to look out for, but tender boobs, craving lemon, going to the loo about every 30 minutes (excellent when you’re a teacher!) and ridiculously sleepy…

So, I’m wondering whether taking the agnus castus is somehow stopping my period coming, if I’m not pregnant. Or, could it be that I’m testing too early? Should I stop taking it and start up again if my period comes? Could stopping suddenly cause a problem if there was a little streak of a baby trying to get settled in there??

I’m confused because lots of advice says it can be used to prevent miscarriage, and to extend the luteal phase, and that you can take it all month, then other sites (largely the mums chatrooms) say to stop after ovulation. Haven’t taken it today.

I’m 36, but this is only month 2 of Project Bun, so I am trying not to get too anxious about it. Any advice mums?

Thanks in advance

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