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Cycle day 21 day test

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CrazyButterfly1 Sat 17-Sep-16 10:04:57


The GP has referred me to have blood tests done on cycle day 21. I was unable to go last month so I am planning to go this month to have it done.

I'm confused as to which day would be my cycle day 21. Help?

I really thought I might be pregant this time round as had some spotting and brown spotting discharge yesterday and the day before when i wiped..(sorry too much info) and boobs felt sore etc but it was not meant to be. 😞

Unfortunately my period started today so I guess this is cycle day 1. My period cycle is 27 days. So will my cycle day 21 be 6th or 7th October?


Alibaba2 Sat 17-Sep-16 10:19:06

Hi Crazy,

I would go on 6th as I read it was 7 days before period.

I sometimes get spotting the day before a period and last cycle it was 4 days before AF - a bit each day.

Good luck

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