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TTC and body's doing weird things - any advice?

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jellylegs7 Fri 16-Sep-16 11:42:30


First post on here and apologies that I don't know all the acronyms.

TTC (presume that means Trying To Conceive) for 3 months now. Have had a regular cycle of 28 days since coming off the mini pill 18 months ago (all tracked via Period Tracker App) but since starting trying things are all behaving a bit weirdly.

2nd month after trying my period came 4 days late which was weird as normally I am so regularl. I know I was thinking that I could really do without being on when I was due to be, but could my body really consequently have delayed it that much?

The 3rd month, speculatively did a Clear Blue Dual hormone test thing 10 days after my delayed period had started and it came back saying I was max fertile. But then according to P tracker I was not due to have been until one week later. We did the deed anyway as I have been led to believe that those stick things are pretty good. But it does seem weird to be so out of sync with the app. Especially since during the days that the app predicted fertility I have been producing the gunk, which I also understand to be linked to being fertile.

Any thoughts?

Only 3 months in and this uncontrollable roller coaster is already doing my head in!

Thanks for any advice or thoughts.

delilahbucket Fri 16-Sep-16 12:31:27

It is likely the stress of ttc has messed up your cycles. It delays my ovulation and so my cycles have been anywhere from 26 days to 32 while we've been trying.
An app cannot accurately predict when you are fertile. It does not know when or even if you are ovulating. It can only guess based on averages. For a more accurate indication use ovulation tests (the basic strips are positive 24-48 hours before ovulation occurs but bear in mind that your body can gear up to ovulate but not actually do it). You can also use basel body temperature tracking which will help you pinpoint the exact day you ovulate. This is useful for confirming ovulation but will only tell you after it has occurred (by which time you're too late to conceive).

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