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So confused, would love some advise!

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user1471481356 Fri 16-Sep-16 11:26:12

Been TTC for around a year, started seeing a fertility specialist a couple of months ago. Had bloods and ultrasound - all fine, nothing concerning showing. Semen analysis also really good.

On the waiting list for a laproscopy, dye studies, D+C, hysteroscope and Pap smear. In the mean time, since my cycles are 26-30 days in length, I was told to start taking Clomid, even though I do already ovulate. 50mg CD5-9.

On CD12 I had a scan which showed 1 15mm follicle on the right side. Was told to go back on CD14 for another scan and HCG injection to force ovulation.

Had the scan today, CD14, which showed no growth at all of the follicle. She checked the left ovary and still no follicles, she checked my tubes and didn't see any other follicles anywhere. So she's guessing that I've either ovulated already, or this follicle just isn't frowning. She said either way it's unusual. Had bloods done to check if I've ovulated, and she said she would call me.

Since taking the Clomid I've had 'ovulation' pain on and off on both sides, but today the left side is intense pain, just like when I normally ovulate - but the follicle is on the right! Also had EWCM yesterday and today, so I'm not co Vince's I won't still ovulate, although I guess the follicle won't do anything as at too small.

Anyway, I'm just really confused, why does the opposite side hurt?

I wonder if the reason I havnt gotten pregnant all this time is that my follicles just don't mature or something.

Has anyone got any advise or been through similar?

delilahbucket Fri 16-Sep-16 12:36:27

Can't offer much advice but the follicle should remain until your period starts (as it produces progesterone) so if you ovulated she should have been able to see it. I find it odd that they thought everything was ok but have put you on clomid and are giving you injections to force ovulation. They should not need to do this if your body is working as it should.
I would assume that first scan was incorrect and you are now ovulating from your left ovary. To only see one follicle before ovulation usually means your egg supply is dwindling. They expect to see several, but only one matures and releases an egg. That makes me think even more so that your first scan was not showing a follicle.

user1471481356 Fri 16-Sep-16 13:30:46

Thank you so much for your reply. Both scans definitely showed 1 follicle on the right hand side, I saw the screen myself. I didn't see anything at all when she looked at the left, so I do think it was correct.

I have obviously misunderstood how follicles work blush didn't realize they stay after they release an egg, thank you for that info!

I'm quite unsure why she thought Clomid was the right thing for me, I think maybe just so that we are being proactive? Also so that I could have a more regular cycle perhaps? We didn't monitor a regular cycle as closely so it's hard to compare this cycle with normal.

My bloods showed that my egg supply is good, so I'm not sure why there was only one follicle. But she did say it was unusual!

I hate not having any answers!

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