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Evaps and line eyes driving me mad

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WalkingBlind Thu 15-Sep-16 22:16:34

I can "see" lines on everything I look at, they don't show in photos, they aren't even 'faint' they are basically invisible and all I can think is it must be the indents of FR and shadows of blue dye tests (Boots).

I can't find any FRER in anywhere local (live rurally) either just the original not-as-sensitive ones, I've spent an absolute fortune because IC have never worked for me. Sad thing is I'm not even due yet but I feel completely lost in this waiting period. I'm actually obsessed. I test every time I go even though I know I need to order a FRER and CBD online, wait a few days and use FMU sad

Anyone else in this obsessive boat? I can't even trust my own eyes anymore.

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