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Ttc at 44 and b/f no.1

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BooseysMom Thu 15-Sep-16 09:47:17

Hi.. Well, as the subject says it all! My
advanced age not helping but i'm also b/f'ing our DS who is 34 months. .weaning just too difficult. My mum died recently and i thought i'd try weaning after i had to spend the first night ever away from him when i was in the hosp with mum. But i was too much in pieces afterwards and needed the comfort of nursing as much as he did. So weaning on hold again. My periods seem regular so b/f shouldn't be affecting fertility should it? Any advice much appreciated 😊 xx

Alibaba2 Thu 15-Sep-16 11:13:09

Hi Booseys.

Sorry for the loss of your Mum.

I don't know actually but if your periods have returned I would guess you're ovulating. Can you check with your GP?

Good luck!

BooseysMom Thu 15-Sep-16 14:10:19

Hi Alibaba 😊
Thanks for the msg. I went to the doc today and he said it improves my chance of conceving if i stop b/f. He is the 1st person to ever say this cos i thought if your periods are normal then surely you're ovulating? ? I'm booked in for tests on day 21 of my cycle to check if still ovulating or going into peri menopause. I told the doc i didn't want to force wean but looks like i'll have to if i want to conceive. . xx

Alibaba2 Thu 15-Sep-16 14:54:11

How long have you been ttc? I wonder if I should get a cd21 test too...

BooseysMom Fri 16-Sep-16 08:49:58

Hi Ali, we've been trying for just over a year and half now since periods returned. But still B/f and i'm questioning how badly i want another if i don't want to force wean! GP said i need to decide what i want. How about you? How long you been trying.?

Alibaba2 Fri 16-Sep-16 09:53:51

TTC since May.

Hmmmm tricky one... How many feeds do you do each day? I b/f DD2 until she was 2 and once I gave up the night feeds, AF returned.

BooseysMom Fri 16-Sep-16 20:40:45

Well he has it on and off all day .. I know that sounds bad. and then he wakes in the early hours and uses it to get back off to sleep. He never took a bottle or dummy so I'm literally the human dummy! I just can't stand the thought of weeks of crying it would take to get him off it. What i can't understand is how come my periods have returned and are fairly normal yet i might not be ovulating. .?? Also what about mums who tandem feed when they are still b/f a toddler and also a newborn?

Writerwannabe83 Fri 16-Sep-16 20:47:06

I got my periods back when DS was four months and he's now 2.5 years and breast feeds 2-3 times a day.

I've been pregnant three times in my life and each time I fell pregnant on my first cycle.

Me and DH are TTC#2 and so far we've had one early miscarriage followed by six months of BFNs and part of me does wonder whether the fact I'm breast feeding has something to do with why it isn't happening for us this time round.

I don't want to force weaning but if it's affecting conception then I'm going to have to I think.

BooseysMom Thu 22-Sep-16 08:44:35

Hi writerwannabe..sorry for the delay...been chaos lately!! Sorry to hear you're having trouble ttc too. What is BFN?? I'm new-ish to this.

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