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What happens after clomid?

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Whatamission Mon 12-Sep-16 20:51:34

I'm on my 4th clomid cycle, just finished the pills (also taking metformin) but can't feel anything which would suggest it's doing what it's supposed to do. I had a chemical pregnancy last month. My specialist has booked us in to see her on Friday and she said we can "discuss options then". Really panicking about what this might be. She mentioned ovarian drilling a while ago so could be that. What typically happens if clomid isn't successful? Starting to feel so panicky now.

user1467393664 Mon 12-Sep-16 21:03:31

I took clomid for 6 months with a 4 month break and got pregnant the 6th time taking it but I did have a break inbetween. In the break i had injectable hormones (gonadotropins name eludes me) for 2 months and a hysterosalpingogram done to check my fallopian tubes were open. These cycles were monitored so I could take the trigger shot when favorable for timed DTD.

There was mention of ovary drilling after the second injectable month wasn't successful. While I was waiting on more blood test results to decide next steps I took my last month of clomid and that was the month I conceived my son.

I was told that clomid was mildest hormones to take where injectables were the strongest.

Vlier Mon 12-Sep-16 21:11:57

Clomid didn't really work for me. I went on to injectables (gonal f+ ovidrel) and I've had some additional tests. After that IUI and the plan was after that an operation to check if they hadnt missed anything and then ivf. I got pregnant on a cancelled cycle for IUI. 6 weeks now so nothing's sure yet.
I felt better on injectables than on clomid.

Vlier Mon 12-Sep-16 21:14:36

I also refused to do a pregnancy test till I was at least 3 days late. I really didn't want to know if I was pregnant if I was going to lose it two days later. Made me too miserable.

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