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when to book blood test

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lucylou1234 Mon 12-Sep-16 11:55:40

Hi guys,

I went to the doctor the other day as thats me no oc cycle 12 ttc with no joy. me and oh are with separate gps and hes recommended he goes for sa - appointments now booked.

hes asked that i go and get a blood test mid cycle. however im not sure what day is best to book it for. my cycle varies between 27-30 days. My period just finished yesterday - now on CD 5.

anyone had to get this blood test before tht can offer some advice he says its just one blood test but from what ive read on here its 2 but not sure if theres different ones?

thatsnotmybear Mon 12-Sep-16 14:33:50

I'd be inclined to call my GP to clarify what s/he wants you tested for. Typically you have two blood tests as you say - Day 2 or 3 bloods which will show FSH levels (egg supply) and then Day 21 bloods which will show progesterone (increased progesterone confirms ovulation has occurred). My GP also had my thyroid tested at the same time.

lucylou1234 Mon 12-Sep-16 19:22:41

Ill give them a wee phone tomorrow. He said about it being day 15 but that's the standard of when they say u ovulate which we all know is different for all of us.

When do the prescribe clomid ? Would tht be if ur progesterone levels were low ? Or is thr more to do with ur FSH level ? Think I'll just ask the nurse to check my thyroid while she's at it x

lucylou1234 Tue 13-Sep-16 12:06:43

argh - just phoned the surgery up and the receptionist spoke to nurse who said "the doctors gave me details of what bloods need done so any day any time" guess am on my own sad

he said it was just one blood test so it must be to check progesterone. i have been temping so i guess the best time to book would be after ive had my thermal shift ?

delilahbucket Wed 14-Sep-16 11:59:47

It depends on what they're testing for, which they should be telling you. If it's a none specific day you need to go then it isn't likely to be hormones being tested. You won't be able to ask a nurse to test your thyroid. The doctor has to request this. He basically prints a sheet with your tests on it, how many samples to take and what tubes to put the sample in. That goes to the nurse who takes the blood and then sends it with your blood in a sealed bag to the lab.
You are best ringing again and if they won't tell you what is being tested, ask to speak to a doctor.

BoBo90 Thu 15-Sep-16 17:15:53

Im also about to have my first blood tests done and my gp wants one during cd1-5 and then one on cd 14. She said it didnt matter when I am ovulating just go in on cd 14. This test is the check levels of lh to determine if you have a problem like pcos/endometriosis/menopause etc. They then send you for a scan depending on the results.

If your gp say cd 15 then I imagine this is what you are also going for so just go in on that day. Cd 21 bloods are the ones to check progesterone and need to be taken 7 days before af so they are dependent on your ov date smile

Obviously I'm just guessing your's are the same as mine but hope that helps xx

lucylou1234 Fri 16-Sep-16 08:16:44

Thanks Bo-Bo. I'm just confused as when you describe the first one thts 2 tests and he's only asked for 1 ? X

delilahbucket Fri 16-Sep-16 09:32:32

Lucy they can do more than one test from one sample of blood. Did you ring the doctors to ask what tests have been requested?

BoBo90 Fri 16-Sep-16 18:57:28

Yeh I don't know why your just going for one but I guess the first test is just to test base levels while af is here. I suppose if the lh levels are high on cd14/15 then they are high regardless of what the base levels were so maybe he doesn't see the point 🤔 ?? Maybe try calling again and ask for your gp to do a call back 😊 Xx

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