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Positive OPKs 3 days running?

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haveacupoftea Sun 11-Sep-16 14:31:54

Hey just wanted a bit of input. Normally I get an almost positive OPK mid cycle - just about as dark as the control line but not quite. It lasts one day and AF always arrives 13 days later.

This month I have had my first ever very strong positive OPK and have been getting them for 3 days in a row! The timing is around the usual timing although my cycles can be irregular. Today is CD17. We have been dtd regularly every 3 days or so this cycle. Have taken an HPT which was of course BFN.

Would really appreciate any thoughts. The only change I have made this month is I am going to Slimming World, have lost half a stone and eating lots of fresh fruit and veg.

JB1983 Sun 11-Sep-16 17:50:14

I can't help you but would like to see what answers you get as the same has just happened to me. I was getting negative tests up until CD19 and then 3 days of strong positives followed by the last two days which have been slightly less dark than control so negative but only just.
I have no idea which day I actually ovulated or if I even did ovulate?!?

This may be normal for me as I have not used OPKs before but it seems odd that for yourself you do not normally have a long LH surge. Hope you get an answer x

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