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IVF clinic recommendations for low AMH?

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ShadyWheat Fri 09-Sep-16 19:24:46

Hello, would be really grateful for some advice for clinics in London or around Cambridge (we live in North Herts) for IVF treatment. Have had the devastating news this week that I have low AMH levels so we won't be eligible for IVF on the NHS. DH has issues with sperm motility and morphology so we've been told that chances of conceiving naturally v low (TTC for over 2 years now). I've been told that lots of clinics may refuse to treat us because of the low AMH and our chances will be very poor but I'd like to investigate the options. We can probably self fund 3-4 cycles and would like to go somewhere that specialises in treating couples with our issues. We have been considering Bourn Hall in Cambridge as that is our closest IVF centre and I really liked it when I visited, but I've also heard good things about the Lister.

RebeccaRP Mon 12-Sep-16 22:48:39

Hello, we're in the same position, I've just been diagnosed with very low AMH and we are currently doing a lot of research. We have heard great results from Spain and looking into various clinics there, although they are already mentioning donor eggs which I'm finding really tough and adds to the hopelessness. In London, ARGC has the best results in the country and I know works hard to help women with low AMH. I've heard mixed reviews about the Lister and we've decided it's not worth the cost as their results aren't that great (better to go to ARGC).

Create have several clinics and have different (and seemingly successful) alternative techniques for specifically helping low AMHers. They recommend mild IVF (amongst other practises) and concentrate on getting a few good eggs rather than filling you with drugs and getting lots of poor quality ones. Worth checking out.

It's hard as they don't make it user friendly but you can compare clinics results at the HFEA website (we ended up drawing our own spread sheet to compare). Although they don't break it down by AMH level. Also, try the fertility friends website for reviews, very useful. Sorry I don't have any recommendations but this is my research so far, hope it helps a bit. I hope others will comment with personal positive experiences :-)

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