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mother nature sure has a weird sense of timing!

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yak1982 Fri 09-Sep-16 17:37:02

Ok so I'm putting my story out here because I literally don't know what to do with myself! Maybe it will bring comfort to someone in a similar boat.
Hubby and I were really lucky and had a beautiful baby boy in our early twenties, we wanted more but there was no pressure.. after about three years we really started trying but it took us another few years and a couple of miscarriages before we figured it was time to investigate and about 3yrs ago we got the news that hubby has 0 useable sperm because they are all like super freaky monster shapes. We didn't give up hope completely which led to another miscarriage and then spending the last two years being super on it with vitamins and legs akimbo and ovulation kits, the works.. well my son turned 11 in January and we have up.. talked it over and decided that adoption is the root for us.
Last month we had a week in spain what we hoped would be our last holiday as a threesome and some r&r before the adoption process gets underway. Only I managed to break my foot while I was over there! Dancing to Elvis of all things :/ so I'm say at home with my foot in a cast and and ... no show from aunty flow :/ I figured its just stress (i mean we only had the barest quickie last month, after all the time spent laying in weird positions I surely couldn't be pregnant from a sangria fuelled one thrust wonder?).
Well another week on and I have a stinking cold..and still no show.. apparently sangria fuelled quickie sex is the way forward! Clear blue says its really actually pregnant (about 6 weeks)! With a broken foot and a stinking cold, way to go body!! I just can't believe it! I'm just praying this one is a fighter and sticks around, I may not move for the next 8 months!

Lunar1 Fri 09-Sep-16 17:49:09

Congratulations! Hope you have a healthy next 8 months.

Dh and I were in a similar position except we had decided on one last round of Ivf then would look into adoption. I actually had no hope of the I feel working but the consultant did this one for free as there had been a bit of a mess up on the previous round. We then had a second boy, so we're very lucky.

8 years later and it's looking likely that we will adopt, I'd really set my heart on it and while I have absolutely no desire for a third biological child, I still feel our planned adopted child is missing from our life.

davirose Fri 09-Sep-16 18:41:36

That's incredible!! Fingers crossed for you!

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