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TTC no 2 after struggling to conceive no 1 also...

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GreyBird84 Fri 09-Sep-16 15:47:00

Hi Ladies,

I feel like I am a bit of a grey area (not related to my username!).

DS took over 2 years. Was conceived after an HSG. Miracle as I had never even had a positive OPK before.

Now TTC no 2 for 1.5 years.

I was 'lucky' in that my GP prescribed me clomid & metformin when I went to see him due to my history in conceiving, PCOS and my PTSD (HSG went really badly & I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma at the same time). He knows I struggle with appointments and get really stressed out. Anxiety is a really tough thing to live with.

I really thought clomid would work. I definately ovulated (blood text & positive opks for the first ever). but no pregnancy 2 cycles later. He wants me to go another round and Ive got a app in now for gynae.

Im on all the supplements going as is DH. Pre-seed etc. Ive got soy isolfalvones to try with this cycle.

Will gynae start off at the beginning again? Sperm analysis, bloods etc were all fine first time around.

Will they suggest another HSG? I know its an investigation as opposed to a treatment.
My DH thinks it will just be the magic we need but I honestly dont know if I could go through another. I would need knocked out under GA.

Considering going private before the gynae app for the 'starter' tests so we know where we are before hand. Or would we be better waiting to see what NHS consultant says?

Has anyone been in a similar boat? Im struggling to find others who fell pregnant after an HSG who are also trying to have no 2.

I know we dont get IVF etc on the NHS and I dont think I could mentally go through it anyway. Ive so much respect for those that do.

Any pearls of advice or wisdom much appreciated. I just feel in such limbo.

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