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Rapidly losing hope :-(

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user1472039753 Fri 09-Sep-16 08:51:35

Morning all,
Currently 10DPO and due period on Tuesday. Read loads of posts with people getting BFP at this stage, and i just keep getting BFN!! Symptoms seem to have eased now - had a few days of cramping and pulling feelings from 4DPO, but today i just feel normal (as can be lol). Thinking i have missed the boat this month and i just want to cry! Holding little to no hope for Tuesday. My Hubbie just says well there is always next month but i have turned into a pregnancy testing addict! Really don't want to go through it again next month.
Anyone else due to test Tuesday?
I can think of nothing else and can't concentrate at all. Thinking the ache that i have been left with low down is the start of period.


AnneLovesGilbert Fri 09-Sep-16 10:55:07

Sorry you're feeling so rubbish about it, the waiting is horrible and loads of people can sympathise. 10DPO is very early, and lots of people don't get their bfp till days after they were due on.

It sounds like you have a supportive husband and he's right that if this wasn't the cycle then the next one might be! No one ever said it was easy and I'm in a similar boat this cycle having had an early mc last cycle and not even being sure when I'm due.

But you need to think about keeping all of you well, whether or not you've conceived this month, and not giving yourself a hard time.

I'm going to test again on Monday if no af by then. There are loads of lovely people on the conception boards in such similar places. Doesn't help the waiting and heartache but it does mean we're in good company x

Alibaba2 Fri 09-Sep-16 10:56:35

Hi User,

10dpo is still very early. Some people get positives then but loads of people don't then get one a few days later.

I've never tested until AF was late but had a pretty good feeling by then.

I'm 9dpo so similar to you.

It's natural to feel negative but I know 2 people recently who were very negative then got a BFP that same cycle.

We have our hearts set on it so we fear the result we don't want.

See how you're feeling on Monday. I think we'll both have a good feeling by then.

user1472039753 Fri 09-Sep-16 11:06:40

Yes the waiting is horrible, i am like a child waiting for sweets lol.
Going to be busy this weekend with my kids so hopefully that will keep my mind busy.
Just know age is against me now as just turned 34 and it's 6 years since my last pregnancy.
It's ok for the men isn't it - they can just somehow switch off, but us women live and breath it every second. Suppose it wouldn't do for us both to be stress heads lol.

Lots of luck for next week too Alibaba2
Jen x

larissa82 Fri 09-Sep-16 13:56:05

The waiting is the worst...and most of all not being able to talk to anyone about it (at list for me.).
I have been tracking my period since January, started taking pre Natal's in April and officially started TCC in August.
I technically got pregnant right at the first go but had a chemical miscarriage 4 days after i got 5 positive pregnancy tests when my period decided to come.
Because my period was late by 1 week I was not sure if my ovulation was going to be as per the calendar. I did an ovulation test on Sun and nothing. Got a positive on Mon so did the deed Mon and Tue and now I am on my 3dpo now there is absolutely nothing I can do the than wait to see if I get my period or not on the 20th and I am going crazy.

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