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He's not in the mood

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givingitago85 Fri 09-Sep-16 02:00:02

So, we are TTC # 1, cycle 9 and am currently in 'fertile window'. I have told DP but he just isn't interested in DTD. We have had this issue on and off for a few months, he says it's not related to TTC but the last thing on his mind at the moment is sex.
He says his priority is to have a baby NOW and I feel like having a talk about 'how babies are made' is a little condescending.
He says it's not me but I honestly don't know what to think. I am trying my hardest to keep it relaxed but he is making it difficult. I only told him we were in the window because he asked sad
Any advice?

TheHorseWhisperer Fri 09-Sep-16 03:08:51

It sounds like he's having doubts to be honest... Otherwise, is there any stress in his life at the moment that could be occupying his mind? Perhaps a mini break away to relax and he might feel more up for it? Time for a serious, sit down chat about what he wants to make him realise how confused you're feeling.

Vlier Fri 09-Sep-16 04:28:56

So he asked and then suddenly isn't in the mood? Sounds like problems to me.

Sorry OP, think you need to talk.

givingitago85 Fri 09-Sep-16 05:05:37

Thanks you both. I agree, there must be doubts there, perhaps he feels worried and dosent want to tell me. We are on holidays in a couple of weeks, hopefully with some work stress taken out of the way he will open up.

Writerwannabe83 Fri 09-Sep-16 08:09:40

My DH went through a few months of not being interested and finding excuses and after two cycles of this he told me he didn't want a baby. He'd also been asking about my fertile window and whereas I took that to be a positive he was actually only asking so he knew not to have sex with me as he didn't want me falling pregnant.

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