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EWCM have I missed ovulation?!

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LauraK1987 Thu 08-Sep-16 17:35:54

Hi Ladies,

I first noticed EWCM on Tuesday and again today (lots of it today) I haven't managed to have sex yet this week and now I'm panicking I've missed ovulation! I didn't think I was in my fertile window till next week but as I understand it you're most fertile when you have EWCM? Is that right? Have I missed ovulation do you think or am I still in with a chance? I'll be so annoyed with myself if I've missed it!

Fluffsnuts Fri 09-Sep-16 01:57:45

You may have missed it I'm afraid. EWCM is a really accurate way of predicting ovulation.

Johno85 Sat 10-Sep-16 08:54:09

Hey laura what day are you on in your cycle- and do you have regular cycles? I have lengthy irregular cycles and can have ewcm more than once in a cycle. Sometimes it can happen if your body is gearing up to ov but doesn't. Then it can go on to try again later in the cycle. Do you bbt? That would be the way to definitely confirm ov. Hope this helps X

LauraK1987 Sat 10-Sep-16 09:23:03

Hey Johno, I'm day 13 of my cycle, my cycles are quite regular I would say...always between 28-31days. I don't temp at the moment I'm not really sure how to or what I'd be looking for. I just try track my cycles and look out for EWCM, I'm trying not to get too obsessed as it's still only early days lol (4th cycle ttc) thank you for your advice x

Johno85 Sat 10-Sep-16 11:30:12

Sounds like you're pretty on the ball anyway a. Just remember it's the most fertile cm that you have that day that counts. Even if you see a bit of ewcm X

Superstar90 Sat 10-Sep-16 20:10:37

The day you see the most ewcm is the day you ovulation so it sounded like you ovulated the day you posted? You need to dtd two days before, one day before and day of ovulation to stand best chance each month but if in any doubt just keep dtd!

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