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Positive tests but withdrawl bleeding

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ClaireMcM87 Wed 07-Sep-16 10:00:21

Hey ladies

I have tried to Google for some answers but nothing has came up so looking for some advice.

I got 3 very very faint positive pregnancy tests over the weekend. I was sceptical at first incase the first one was just an evap line but all 3 came out with faint lines. I missed a couple pills earlier in the month and had been on antibiotics which iv heard can make it ineffective. I took my break from the pill which will usual see me having a bleed within 2 days but nothing happened which is when I took the tests. However yesterday I started bleeding. It isn't just as heavy as usual but now I'm worried that I might be having a mc.

Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know if it is possible to still get a withdrawal bleed as it technically isn't a normal period anyway and still be pregnant?


Fluffsnuts Wed 07-Sep-16 10:56:16

It's possible to bleed and have a healthy pregnancy.

Take another test. Is it stronger?

ClaireMcM87 Wed 07-Sep-16 11:16:14

Thanks for your response. I haven't tested again I will try tomorrow morning and see what result I get.

I have had an early mc before but the bleeding was extremely heavy and painful unlike this time round. I'm so confused!

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