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Was this a chemical?

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Lelly0503 Tue 06-Sep-16 16:37:50

Hello everyone, hoping for some advice from anyone who has suffered a chemical.
Last week at 10dpo I got a faint line on an Internet cheapy, two days later same again, line was darker and more visible again using an Internet cheapy. Next day, I tested on three different tests (CB digi, FRER and another Internet one) all negative. Fast forward to Sunday and my period started. I am obviously disappointed but have assumed one of the following has happened:
- I had two faulty tests- read a lot online about Internet tests giving false positives
- chemical preg. We tried SMEP and am on month six of TTC so it's possible I did concieve.

Really I'm just looking for someone to advise on what a chemical pregnancy consists of and what the chances are of having two False positives as my period is not heavier or more painful than normal which I read it can be after a c/p. Also, on both positive tests the lines were pink and appeared well within the time limit so I have ruled out evaporation lines. I'm hoping it was a chemical as at least it means I can get to that point. Thanks for reading x

physicskate Tue 06-Sep-16 17:32:51

Chemicals are pretty common from what I've read. No real way of knowing. I had what I think was a chemical (BFP and then two days later heavy AF for the first day and then normal for three days)... but again, no real way to know.

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