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CD39. BFN but positive OPK

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lalaland1985 Tue 06-Sep-16 10:00:50

I'm a member of the September BFP bus and have posted there but posting here for more traffic. Hoping someone has experienced this too.

I'm on CD39. Took a clear blue test yesterday morning and it was negative. Took an opk today and got this.

What could be going on here? Have I just ovulated exceptionally late? Could I have poas?

MrsCharlieD Tue 06-Sep-16 19:55:31

I would try a Frer with fmu. I have heard of getting positive opk's when pregnant but I haven't experienced it myself. You could also have ovulated late. Another option would be to ask GP for a blood test. Good luck!

lalaland1985 Tue 06-Sep-16 21:07:41

I'm pregnant!

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