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Was this a miscarriage?

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Theonlywayis Tue 06-Sep-16 09:27:24

First a bit of background - I have PCOS and so quite irregular cycles although with the help of metformin they have tended to be between 30-40 days for the last year or so.
I have twins who were conceived after 5 Ivf attempts so apparently not very fertile.
Anyway dh and I decided we'd like another dc and started ntnp but didn't expect anything to happen.
So I was expecting Af sometime at the beginning of August. As no show yet a took a test on 9th and bfn. Then Af showed up next day confirming it. I did notice that Af was very light but didn't really give it any thought. Af finished and I had 2 clear days before I started spotting pink. This lasted for about 4 days before I started with red blood and a bit heavier. Again not as much as Af but definitely needed to wear a pad. This continued for about a week before I called the doctor to schedule an appt. The first time I could get one was Saturday just gone. I wasn't too worried bc I thought it was just some wierd pcos symptoms. Last Wednesday night I had some serious stomach pain. I remember thinking it reminded me of the pain of contractions in early labour. This lasted maybe an hour or so before I went back to sleep. In the morning no more pain. I felt the need to go to the loo (number 2) and had been a bit constipated so was straining a bit (sorry) and I felt something pass. Tbh I thought it was wierd but probably a clot. Glanced down the loo but since I'd also had a poo (sorry) I didn't really spend much time looking and didn't see anything.
Anyway sat I had my appt and the doc gave me some mefanamic acid to stop the bleeding. Pregnancy wasn't discussed at all and I didn't even consider it. Anyway before I took the tablets I thought I'd just double check and took a test which immediately shows bfp. I was shocked.
I called 111 and they told me to go to urgent care who sent me to the gynea team in a+e. They were concerned about ectopic bc of bleeding and pain. They scanned me and could find nothing in my uterus but blood in my abdomen. My Hcg was only 61 and my progesterone was at 12. They said this was consistent with miscarriage but also with 'pregnancy of unknown location' and i have to go back next week unless I get pain and then I have to go back straight away
Dh and i hadn't dtd since the end of July bc of the bleeding so I would be around 7 weeks I suppose.
Anyways I'm thinking that I've already miscarried without realising. I just would have thought it would have been more obvious.
Has anyone ever had anything similar?
Sorry for the essay

Theonlywayis Tue 06-Sep-16 17:01:14


physicskate Tue 06-Sep-16 17:42:42

Sorry for what you are going through. A chemical pregnancy is one that cannot be seen visually as the foetus is so small. They happen before 6 weeks... so the distinction between miscarriage and chemical is only a matter of how many days. It seems like the medical professionals you have talked to probably know more than an internet forum.

Take care of yourself - what a crap thing to go through.

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