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Any natural pregnancies with very low sperm count and motility

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mysteriousbat Mon 05-Sep-16 18:00:40

Ok. Long shot here I think but looking for some miracle stories to boost me up.
My OH had 2 SA's done, one he messed up but didnt tell them (which in hindsight was really bloody stupid!) by only abstaining one day before collection. He then had to do a repeat and the numbers were still extremely low. Has anyone/know anyone who has naturally conceived in this situation? Realistically I know our chances are tiny but I know it can happen, any stories please?
Thank you!!! We are both feeling deflated and with me having a dd from a previous relationship we would need to privately fund ivf and that is something that will take a loooong time to save up for so we are hoping for a miracle before then so if anyone can share a story that would be awesome smile

Imps9 Mon 05-Sep-16 20:07:37

Yes! We did! It took a very long time but we got there in the end. OH's stats were:
Count: 3.5m (or fewer in some tests)
Motility: 18%
Morphology: 0-1%
DNA fragmentation: 69% (which is extremely high)

We had 4 natural BFPs in 5 years - 2 ended in MC, 1 was an ectopic and I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant with the most recent natural BFP. We also had 2 rounds of IVF - one CP and one BFN.

We had all but one of the natural BFPs after OH started taking Proxeed for Men (which is expensive but recommended by our fertility clinic) - I am convinced that that helped. The sticky BFP came a month after he started taking high strength vitamin C (1000mg per day) - this is supposed to help with DNA fragmentation.

All seems okay with the baby so far - fingers crossed it is healthy and safe when it arrives!

Best of luck smile

Imps9 Mon 05-Sep-16 20:09:28

Oh, and with DNA frag, the more often than a man jizzes, the better the sperm will be! Every 3 days or so I'd put OH on a schedule in the run up to our sticky BFP

Imps9 Mon 05-Sep-16 20:09:50

^ that, not "than"

Desmondo2016 Mon 05-Sep-16 20:46:08

My dh went through massive fertility issues over a 9 year period with his first wife. She showed as having no issues, the problems were all his. I dont know the finer details but he had nigh on completely zero readings. Fast forward several years, I came off the pill in January and we went to chat with the gp who looked up DH history and told us it would be highlyy unlikely but it only takes one blah blah blah. We got our BFP 3 months later in April. It can happen but we can only assume in their case either she had some undiagnosed issues or his sperm analysis changed vastly with age.

mysteriousbat Mon 05-Sep-16 21:56:25

Thank you for these comments! It feels like we are facing the impossible! Although I also have issues they are hopefully easy to overcome.
I will look into proxeed. He has been taking wellman conception for about a month, not sure which is best? Proxeed possibly if it is expensive lol.
I am clinging to the 'it only takes one' and willing to try all kinds of nonsense if it might help, Lmps I have heard about sex schedules 🙈 something about timing it to help with the count as well?! Every 2-3 days and save it up for about 3 days for ovulation. So romantic lol.
Desmondo congrats on your bfp too, how strange! Having said that my friends sister was told she would need ivf due to scarring of the womb and had multiple miscarriages with her husband. They split up and she has fallen pregnant twice and now has a w year old and is about half way through with her second so I think it depends on how a couple's literal chemistry together is sometimes too

monicaf Fri 09-Sep-16 09:40:07

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