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1st Gynae appt and feeling alone

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SummerHopin Mon 05-Sep-16 17:53:05


I'm 31 and ttc#1 for about 6 months now. My cycles are quite long (40-43 days) and I have suffered for years with recurrent thrush infections (if that makes any difference?)

I know that 6 months isnt a super long time (especially as thats not 6 cycles for me) but I went to see the nurse today just to have a chat over my options as my husband and I are really keen to start a family. She was really kind and after chatting suggested referring us to a gynae because if there is something wrong we would want to know straight away so as not to prolong it too much.

My husband and I are both fit (ish!), non smokers and we dont drink huge amounts, but for some reason I just have a gut feeling that something isnt right and I'm worried that my problems in the past with infections etc might be a sign that somethings just not functioning properly.

I'm an only child and all my close friends are either pregnant or with their 1st child so I just dont feel too comfortable speaking to them about this. My husband is great and we do talk lots about this, but I would just like to have some female input like what to expect at the appointment, and any tips from anyone who has been in a similar boat?

The more I think about it the more I realise just how scary this whole time is sad

pteradactyl Mon 05-Sep-16 18:31:49

First off it is great that you are seeing someone so quickly, what a lovely nurse.
Secondly, I am sure it is nothing and I hope that you get positive news at your appointment, but if not, there are lots of options depending on what the problem is. And of course, mainly, IF there is a problem. I know how you feel though, I had a gut feeling that we would have problems and unfortunately I was right, there are issues for both me and my partner. Doesn't mean there will be for you though!
For the first appointment I would imagine you will go through your history and any health problems you have had. We skipped gynar and went straight to a fertility clinic after initial tests through the gp and thats when we found pcos and male factor infertility. You may have blood tests and an ultrasound to check the health of your womb and your advice is to try not to worry (easier said than done, lord knows I know that!) until you have something to worry about. No point getting in a tizz.
Having said that, when we first started ttc and i came onto forums like this saying I just know there will be a problem everyone said the same thing to me and I was like but I know there is a problem!!!! So I know how annoying it is to be told that, but honestly, try to relax. Hope the appointment goes well

PonkAlert Tue 06-Sep-16 15:18:30

At our first appointment they took a very thorough medical history, checked BMI, alcohol intake etc. and arranged blood tests (me) and sperm analysis. It's handy if you've got an accurate history of your cycles from the last few years, thankfully I had been using an app to track my periods so could giv very precise information. Also any family history of genetic conditions/miscarriage/stillbirth, might be worth asking your mum if you can/feel able.

I know you always read this on these forums and it's really infuriating but we never went back for a second appointment - after two and a half years and two miscarriages we conceived our daughter the next month! GP informed us that our blood/sperm tests had come back normal so we'll never know why it took so long. I'm currently pregnant with number two, conceived on the second cycle. I can't believe it after all the worry and heartache we went through to conceive first time around.

Good luck flowers

AmyC86 Tue 06-Sep-16 20:03:41

Why don't you join us on pcos periods or lack of I think it's on page 2 at the moment xx

AliceScarlett Wed 07-Sep-16 10:36:17

I'm on cycle ten and I always knew there was something wrong. I have very light periods, spotting in between and DH has low testosterone. I was convinced I was pregnant last cycle as AF was late, it was horrible. I'm giving up hope a bit now and right now that is helpful to me. Ten crushing disappointments are enough for me.
I hope you get things sorted, you're not alone.

SummerHopin Wed 07-Sep-16 19:16:18

Thank you everyone for your kind messages. It is never nice to hear other people are hurting or have gone through similar trials but it is nice to know that there are others out there. ptera and ponk your info is really helpful thanks.

Amy - thank you for the invite but I wasnt sure that thread was for me. I am almost sure that it is not PCOS, as I had an ultrasound a year ago after lots of unexplained pains and everything came back normal. I do have very light periods, but again, a friend of mine is now pregnant with her second baby and she also has very light bleeds.

I was on the pill up until March of this year so I know that it can take a while for your cycles to settle, but I have been tracking since March so have got a bit of a history to give them.

Alice may I ask how you know about your husbands testosterone? Have you had tests yourself? I am sorry to hear you are still waiting. Sometimes I read these forums and everyone gets pregnant within what feels like a week, then another time lots of people wait a long time to get that BFP. I know that everyones different, but when you're the ones waiting it doesnt really help does it!

SummerHopin Wed 07-Sep-16 19:17:20

ptera can I also ask how are you doing now? Are you still trying or have you had success after finding out that there were difficulties?

AliceScarlett Wed 07-Sep-16 20:19:27

He went to the gp about low sex drive and they did a blood test. I'll be having tests next month if no BFP this month... So next month then.

AliceScarlett Wed 07-Sep-16 20:19:33

He went to the gp about low sex drive and they did a blood test. I'll be having tests next month if no BFP this month... So next month then.

SummerHopin Thu 08-Sep-16 10:24:25

Hi Alice. I am due to get bloods done at the start of my next AF and my husband is literally about to book his sperm analysis test thing.

Please keep in touch with how things go for you. I'm sorry to hear its been a long and hard road (I know what thats like so understand the hurt). Chin up


AmyC86 Thu 08-Sep-16 11:46:10

That forum isn't just for pcos, it's for other things too - there are a few women who have unexplained fertility etc.

I had tests done in 2011 and they came back inconclusive as to why I couldn't get pregnant, fast forward to 2016 and they redid some of the tests & I was diagnosed with pcos in April of this year. I've been TTC unmedicated for 4 years, and been taking clomid for two cycles without any luck so far.

SummerHopin Thu 08-Sep-16 16:45:32

Hi Amy, I'm really sorry to hear its been such a ride for you.

I had an ultrasound early 2015 and it came back clear, but at that time I wasnt ttc (it wasnt why i had the ultrasound) and now the dr thinks that the pill hormones might have given a false result.

I dont know much about PCOS so not sure if they would have been effectively hidden before but now would be easier to spot? I dont believe I really have any other symptoms but might be wrong.

Thank you for the info re. the other thread. I will definitely take a look.

AmyC86 Thu 08-Sep-16 19:28:04

With the pill pcos symptoms are more controlled, a similar thing happened to me.

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