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Help with first time using OPK

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sadsausage Mon 05-Sep-16 04:13:29

I bought OPKs a month or two back but only starting using them properly this month. I got what I thought was a strong result yesterday. Today the line is fainter. But neither line is darker than the test line?

What do you think? Have I ovulated? I usually get a few ovulation cramps, hence I never bothered the opk before but this time I only got a few hours of mild cramping where usually it lasts a day and it's stronger.

We BD yesterday and the day before. Will try again tonight.

fuzzywuzzy Mon 05-Sep-16 04:19:39

Yesterdays looks closer to positive than todays. When did you take yesterdays test? Do you temp as well, it's the only sure fire way to tell if you've ov'ed.

Good luck, hope you caught it. smile

sadsausage Mon 05-Sep-16 04:48:14

I did both of them at 11am, can't wait any longer than that as I have a tiny bladder and pee lots!

I did other tests in the three days prior and nothing but extremely faint lines. these are the strongest.

I don't temp. I didn't realize that was the only way to know for sure sad

Thanks so much.

fuzzywuzzy Mon 05-Sep-16 05:15:32

I think you're positive was yesterday going by those opk's. I usually get a positive opk in the afternoon never had one in the morning myself.

It all looks good. I hope you're successful this month xx

physicskate Mon 05-Sep-16 18:43:28

Yesterday was more positive. You probably would have got a darker positive if you tested last night as well. The surge can be very quick. Most people will then ov 24-72 hours after a positive (apparently time between max surge and ov decreases with age).

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