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Ttc after tubal reverssl

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SparklyGlitterPants Mon 05-Sep-16 00:40:07

First time poster on conception board so sorry if this has been asked before.

I had a tubal ligation done almost 4 years ago (with the ring/clip things ). At the time I thought it was the best way forward given both my fertility levels and personal circumstances. It wasn't that I didn't want more children but I just couldn't see a time when it would be possible to have anymore.

Fast forward 4ish years later and both my husband and I desperately want to have another a baby. My gp has sent the referral to my gynecolog

SparklyGlitterPants Mon 05-Sep-16 00:43:40

Sorry hit post accidentally.

Referral has been sent and we are now waiting for an appointment to see if they will do a reversal for us. If so it would mean months on the waiting list for both the initial appointment and then the surgery.

We don't mind that but we (i) am just wondering has anybody here had a reversal and managed to get pregnant and carry to term.

SparklyGlitterPants Mon 05-Sep-16 08:25:25



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