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Implantation Or Period.

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Leanne92 Sat 03-Sep-16 10:57:48

I came off the pill on the 5th July. I had my first period (withdrawl bleed on the 22nd July) and then another period on the 15th August. Then on 29th August I was having pink bleeding when I wiped which stopped in the evening and the day after it started again but a bit heavier bur stopped by 5pm. I am still bleeding between the hours of 9am - 6pm from the 29th to today (day 5 now) but it's getting heavier but not as heavy has a period. It's watery red blood. Could this be implantation or my period. It was 2 weeks from my last one. What is causing me to stop and start bleeding like I am. Is it normal to only bleed between 9-6 as it's never happened to me before. I have had unprotected sex but it's too early to test yet. I went to the doctors yesterday and he said there I nothing they can do until 3 months of stopping the pill has passed. This bleeding is draining me. I feel so tired and I feel really sick too. I am feeling hot and cold and have backache too. Any advice would be appreciated.. I feel like death

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