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Conception after depo?

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FS1984 Fri 02-Sep-16 13:49:29

Hi all.

My other half and I would like to have a baby next year. I've been on the depo on and off for quite a long time now. Eek. I've heard such a range of experiences of people conceiving after depo - some really quickly, other take ages. I guess it depends on each person!

I am a bit nervous about babies. My younger sister has an extremely physically and mentally disabled daughter and I don't feel that our family has time to support two mothers with babies, when one needs so much extra care. I'm also worried that if we have a baby and it is healthy, that our relationship will be altered. (N.B. Of course I wish for a healthy baby!).

Anyway I'm getting past these nerves, so came off depo on August 3rd. There is no sign of a period, but I think is is normal from what I've read. What are you experiences and when should we be concerned if we don't conceive? This would be our first 'go' as it were, and I wouldn't say up to this point I've been a particularly broody person, so am basically worried enough already!

Thanks in advance!

2sCompany Fri 02-Sep-16 14:26:35


I was on depo for a few years. Had my last injection in December 14, so it ran out in March 15. Had my first period about May 15 which have been fairly regular with a few blips (a few very light and short) and have been 'trying' since then. Not been tracking my ovulation or anything though.

Just got my bfp this morning!

Good luck smile

FS1984 Fri 02-Sep-16 14:45:06

Congratulations! I admit, had to google bfp. Mistyped and got BFG first!! Very knew to this and the language everyone seems to speak on here!

Can't decide whether to go down the whole ovulation kit etc route, sort of figure that if it doesn't happen within a year, then we'll go and speak to the doctor and see what can be done! Thanks for your message.

2sCompany Fri 02-Sep-16 15:58:12

Hehe, you'll get used to all the abbreviations eventually. I've dipped in and out of here for many years and there's still things it takes me a while to figure out.

I dabbled with ovulation testing for a while, but nothing ever came back properly positive and I was beginning to think I was starting early menopause as I never seemed to ovulate at all.

So I stopped doing all that and let nature take its course.

This time we actually dtd (did the deed) about a week after the first day of my last period, which was a lot earlier than I thought would work. DP has been working away since, so I know the exact date of conception!

Wish you the very best of luck. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just enjoy the fun bit of the baby making!

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