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Late af was it chemical pregnancy?

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scrunchy Thu 01-Sep-16 00:20:41

My period started 10 days late .
Yet 10 days ago I had cramping as if it was coming for 5 days.negative pregnancy tests
Only second period since givubg birth last year ,am still Breastfeeding.
Was it just late ? It's extremely heavy now ,or a chemical pregnancy ,as I'm mystified why the cramping 10days ago.its never in my life been this late before

ColdTeaAgain Thu 01-Sep-16 00:23:20

My periods were all over the place when they started again after breastfeeding.

scrunchy Thu 01-Sep-16 00:43:45

I've always had them like clockwork once they return ,it's my 4th baby ,they return usually 9months and then every 30days .

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