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TTC 2 years+ scared to do a test after so many negatives

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Jad3lls Tue 30-Aug-16 12:21:06

Hi all this is my first post so here's my background
Been TTC for around 26 months for our first child. Been together 6 years and I'm 26 and he's 30.
Since stopping my pill my periods went a bit funny and would vary between 5-7 weeks between each one which is a nightmare when TTC!! Had a few scans at hosp all came back fine as have OHs.
Had a hsg 3 weeks ago and have read this can clear out your tubes etc as well as it's real objective. Everything was as it should be so that was great.
If my periods were regular 28day cycles I would have been due on 4/5days ago.. and around 7 days ago my boobs became really sore and larger than normal. I do get sore boobs when I'm due on but haven't had a 4 week cycle in about 3 years so this has got me thinking... am I pregnant this time?! My mind is doing overdrive as is my OHs and we are googling symptoms everyday.. we are so desperate that I just don't know of its all on my head.
I'm back seeing the consultant next week so we agreed to wait until then before testing as 1. Usually I wouldnt come on so soon 2. Scared its ANOTHER negative.
Would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this... oh and just to add something else into the mix I've woke up with backache and surprise surprise it's another symptom lol

OfficerMeowMeowFuzzyface Tue 30-Aug-16 12:46:11

I can't speak from direct experience as I'm right at the beginning of trying for a first child BUT I would think this is highly personality-dependant? I've mentally promised myself that I won't take any tests unless my period is quite late as I just know that otherwise I'll be taking multiple early ones every month and getting myself all wound up/upset over it. For some people, though, taking those tests would be much more assuring. It sounds like putting testing off until next week isn't doing you any good as you (quite understandably!) are still thinking about it constantly. I think it sounds like you want to take the test and that although another negative would be painful, making yourself wait is even more so. If so, I think you should take it. Good luck!

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