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Cramping for week before AF?

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ArchiesMamaBird Mon 29-Aug-16 13:55:28

Me and DH have been TTC baby #2 since our wedding in June (I came off pill in Feb). My cycle was all over the place until May, and since then I had a regular 29 day cycle.

I decided to try a OPK this month to make sure we were BD'g at the right time, and it showed that I was ovulating on day 20. We made sure to BD that day and the day after.

For the last 8 days (so from day 25) I have been having mild stomach cramps, which were my first pregnancy symptom I had with DS 3 years ago. And I didn't come on my period on day 29 when I should have so started to get my hopes up that I could be pregnant. Anyway I came on my period today (so 4 days late) and it's quite heavy so I'm sure it's not implantation bleeding.

So my question is this: 'has anyone ever had cramping for a week before a period when they don't normally suffer from cramping at all?'

Alibaba2 Mon 29-Aug-16 16:49:57

Hi Bird,

Was this the first cycle you did an opk? Is there any way you could have ov'd sooner?

You may have got 2 lh surges - one at ov and one a week later.

Anyway presuming you did ov on cd20... I get pains when ttc sometimes starting at 5dpo (like you), sometimes later. It feels like implantation cramps (I've had them with a BFP too). But who knows... Maybe it's things starting to breakdown ready for AF. I've never found an answer.

I don't think I get them when I'm not ttc but can't be sure of that.

physicskate Mon 29-Aug-16 17:45:24

Your luteal phase (the number of days between ov and Af starting) will always be about the same number of days. So it you ov late, it will delay your period. For example, many people have a 14 day luteal phase, so if ov happens cd 19, af will start cd33. If they ov Cd23, af will start cd 37....

So if you ov cd 20, I would expect af to start about cd 33/34 (most people have about a 14 day luteal phase)...

Also, opks can't tell you if you ovulate, just that your body is gearing up to ov (which may or may not be successful). The only way to tell if ov has happened is if you use your bbt.

ArchiesMamaBird Mon 29-Aug-16 19:17:53

Thank you both. I think I'll start tracking BBT this month too and see if that gives me a better indication of when I'm ovulating smile

orlstar Mon 29-Aug-16 21:04:09

Hi Bird, sorry to hear about your AF, I've had this as well. I'm 6 days late and had cramping for a week mid-cycle - post OV, but I had BFN today and pretty sure AF is coming very soon. Good luck for September. I'm going booze free and feeling inspired by the body coach. Healthy September coming up!

AliceScarlett Wed 31-Aug-16 09:28:08

Yup I had this last cycle, drove me mad. Barely had a period either so all that for nothing. I think Dr's would say it is normal.

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