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Provera Questions - Please help!!

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LittleMissSnowShine Sat 27-Aug-16 19:31:14

Hi ladies

If you have taken Provera while TTC and / or if you know anything about it - your knowledge would be much appreciated here!

A little background - I have PCOS and I am TTC #3. I stopped taking mini pill last December. AF didn't immediately return but I got pg in April, and unfortunately MC a couple of weeks in. I thought it might take a while for cycles to return to normal after thus, but AF came after 4 weeks (which is, due to PCOS, a short cycle for me). We resumed TTC in June but then in July I started bleeding and just didn't stop for 3 weeks, really, really heavily. I was taking tranexamic acid to try and cope with the bleeding but it was having little effect. I paid to go and see a consultant, who scanned me and said even after 3 weeks of non-stop bleeding my uterus lining was still really thick and my ovaries were a bit enlarged. She prescribed 3 weeks of twice daily Provera. The bleeding stopped within a day or two of starting the tablets, but then resumed again (less heavily) around 8th August.

So I finished course of Provera on 10th August, and I was provisionally counting 11th August as CD1. Bleeding that began on 8th August continued, not too heavy but a sort of normal AF amount, until 15th August (CD5). We DTD on 18th August (CD 8) but then our kids and then DH all came down with a bug so no more DTD and we thought we would just leave ttc for this month.

Then on 25th August (CD 15) I started spotting / staining. It is very light and it hasn't gotten any heavier (seems to have stopped this afternoon?) and there are no cramps. The spotting is brownish in colour. And it appeared 7 days after DTD.

Today I am feeling EXHAUSTED and sick. I had hyperemesis with both DCs so sickness is a big pregnancy indicator for me.

But is this at all in any way possible? Could I have OV (like CD 9 or 10) that early after finishing the Provera on 10th August? I wasn't charting this month so I have no idea if there was a temperature spike and I didnt use OPK or anything. Could this spotting be implantation bleeding? Or is this type of strange mid-cycle spotting typical following a course of provera? Do you count the first day after you finish the tablets as CD1? Or should I have counted as CD1 the day I started AF while still on Provera, which was on 8th August. Using that timeline, we DTD on CD11 and I have been having very light spotting since CD 18...

I am so confused and all I seem to be able to find online is ladies who were prescribed a much shorter dose of provera to induce AF rather than people who were prescribed a longer dose to sort out very heavy bleeding. So I don't know what's going on at all and your expertise / experience / guesses would be much appreciated!!! It's too soon to POAS, right??

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