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I decided to try BC once more. Didn t like it.I stopped the 3rd week. I had withdrawal bleed. Now 1.5 weeks later I have spotting. Is it ok?

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justalexx Fri 26-Aug-16 06:25:15

I decided to try BC once more. It had made me really sick a year ago when I tried them. Didn t like it again. I stopped After finishing the 3rd week as I was starting my period/withdrawal bleed. (Withdrawal bleed started on a Friday, and I finished the third week of pills the next day Saturday) Now I a week & 1/2 later I had like an itty bit of spotting for the past two days. I have had both protected and unprotected sex. We aren t actively trying to conceive but it wouldn t be bad if something like that happened (as we know it could happen having unprotected sex)

-The reason I wouldn t suspect pregnancy at all it s because before starting birth control I had irregular periods and wasn t ovulating every month as I was underweight. I didn t mind not ovulating but I tried mainly birth control to regulate a bit my period and the acne the irregularities were causing me. -

Thought it s about day 16-18 that I kinda have ovulation when I have it (I am on day 14 of cycle) I know I can t completely rule out pregnancy as I have had unprotected sex but I think it s too early too test, since the potential ovulation wouldnt have happened yet? Lol I m a bit confused.

Also out of curiosity to see when I'm sullls r to ovulate, I bought a few ovulation tests which have had a faint line that has progressively gotten darker each day (I have done 3) but not as dark as the control line. So I think maybe I haven't ovulated?

So anyway, what I wanted to know it s what do you guys think? Have I caused my cycle to go crazier by trying them for a month? Why could the little spotting be? Any ideas.

I m here just sharing and any input would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

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