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Underactive thyroid, high antibodies and natural killer cells - link?

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user1471874092 Thu 25-Aug-16 15:42:00

TTC for 1 year and I've had 2 chemical miscarriages.

Referred by GP to Guys Fertility Clinic, did all the usual tests like FSH, Progesterone, internal scan, ovarian reserve etc

Found out I had slightly underactive thyroid so on low dose of Levothyroxine. TSH levels is now about 2 (was nearly 6) so I think this is now OK.

Also have high levels of Antiphospholipids in blood (IgM anticardiolipin antibodies was 21.8 doctors advise it should be under 10). These antibodies cause clotting and APS so advised to take low dose aspirin when I get pregnant again.

I want to get tested for natural killer cells but I don't think the NHS does this test?

Is there a link between low thyroid issues, high antibodies and Natural Killer Cells??

In the meanwhile (just in case I have high levels of NKC) I'm looking at way to reduce them naturally... so far the only information I could find is:

-Take omega fish oils
-Cut down on gluten, sugar, caffeine

Has anyone else had this test done in London?

What clinic did you go to?

Was it expensive?

Any information or advice you can give?

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