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Brown discharge on CD17

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itsgoodtobehome Thu 25-Aug-16 14:34:43

Sorry - that's not a very pleasant title, but sums up the situation!!
We have been ttc#2 for ages. Seriously so long that I no longer consider it ttc, just 2 adults having sex without contraception as and when. I don't do any ovulation tracking or temps or anything like that. The only thing I do is keep a track of my cycle on an app as that's really easy.
Anyway, yesterday was CD17 and when I went to the toilet last night and wiped, there was ewcm discharge spotted with brown. I've never had this before, which is why I am curious. Even though I don't track OV, I know from the past that I usually OV around CD12-14 (I have pretty regular 28 days cycles). So, spotting on CD17 feels too early for implantation bleeding, but too late for ovulation bleeding.
I know that this thread cannot diagnose me and there is nothing I can do but wait, but just wondered whether anyone else had experienced anything similar with a positive outcome? I've never had this before, so for the first time in months/years I feel slightly interested in my chances!!

itsgoodtobehome Thu 25-Aug-16 22:21:56


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