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Ovia, Af, poas, .... Confused!!!

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Purplefairy21 Thu 25-Aug-16 08:16:21

Right so according to ovia, I can test tomorrow as had positive opks 12 days ago (Saturday nearly 2 weeks ago) I'm on cd27 but apparently af is due in 8 days hmm yet my cycles are typically 27-30 days. (last one was 33) been getting bfn since Monday because my patience has disappeared using amazon one step ic but after reading a different thread on here there not as sensitive /good as there made out to be. Im going to get superdrug tests today but when should I use them? I'm convinced I am pg as I feel very similar to how I have in previous pregnancies. But it could also be my body playing tricks with me hmm mainly the killer boobs I've had since last week and they've expanded to the point my bras no longer fit! been more tired than usual, really emotional the last couple of days to the point I cried over spilt milk (literally) blush and keep getting waves of nausea in the morning and when eating certain food. Keep getting weird twingy pains in lower abdomen area and no pms cramps. Don't usually have sore boobs that bad with af or if I do it's not that bad and only once the witch has landed. And advice welcome please

Purplefairy21 Thu 25-Aug-16 08:16:47

Sorry for the epic post blush

lousylear Thu 25-Aug-16 08:55:17

Hey purple I'm exactly the same. Have every pg symptom going, exactly same as previous pgs. Esp my boobs - they've doubled in size, look like a motorway map and hurt a lot. They are never like this except when I'm pg. had to buy a new no wire bra yesterday. CD31 for me. No sign of AF. BFN all week on ic and frer. Going to buy a super drug one today to use tomorrow on fmu. I even look pg! Acne which I only get when pg and bloated uterus already (will be #4) so I guess it knows what it's doing. I am convinced I am pg but dp won't be until he sees a bfp. In fact because I've had a bfn he thinks that's it for this month.
FX for us both.

delilahbucket Thu 25-Aug-16 21:34:46

Ovia cannot predict af without accurate info about ovulation. I would go with your longest cycle length of 30 days and test then. To more accurately work out ovulation you should try temping. This, in conjunction with opks, will help pinpoint the exact day you ovulate and in time you will learn your luteal phase length and calculate when af is due. I found it extremely helpful when my periods were a bit erratic.

delilahbucket Thu 25-Aug-16 21:36:29

Forgot to add that you usually ovulate 24-48 hours after a positive opk so tomorrow at most you will only be 11dpo. While you can get a positive so soon, if you can hold out a bit longer you have a better chance, if indeed you are pregnant.

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