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Lifestyle changes to aid conception

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fooolofbeans Thu 25-Aug-16 07:42:27

Apologies if this has been done to death feel free to point me in the direction of any similar threads

I had my copper coil removed November 2015 and my oven remains distinctly bun free sad

Ive looked at the generic lifestyle advice on NHS websites but it is all so vague, I appreciate any wide ranging public health advice needs robust evidence, leading to the exclusion of less studied experimental options.

Im just wondering if you have any additional tips for my husband and I. We're using OPKs but trying to DTD every 2-3 days.

Neither of us are overweight but is there an optimum Bmi for women for conception?

And finally at what point would doctors be willing to commence tests?

HUGE thanks in advance wise mumsnetters (fighting the reflex to sign off with kisses wink)

Lia7 Thu 25-Aug-16 09:08:12

Hi there,

Being a healthy BMI is important ie not over or underweight, as is eating a balanced diet, taking a conception/pregnancy vitamin supplement and exercising regularly (but not overdoing it).

Caffeine intake can reduce your chances of conceiving dramatically as can drinking alcohol and of course, smoking.

Also, although I know it's really hard, relaxation is vital - so plenty of sleep and doing whatever you need to relax - yoga, walking, meditation, reading etc.

If you are under 35 then doctors will test after a year of trying. If you are over 35 then it is usually six months.

Hope that helps a bit. smile

wonderstuff Thu 25-Aug-16 09:16:50

I found the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler really helpful when ttc. I was able to monitor my fertility and found I wasn't ovulating, which was stress related, I ended up changing jobs and then fell pg after trying for years.

user1471874092 Thu 25-Aug-16 10:05:13

Try to cut down on caffeine, alcohol, sugar, gluten

More veg, fruit, fish etc

Exercise 3 times per week (but not in 2 ww, only gentle walks then)

Lots of water especially leading up to ovulation to help EWCM

Fish oils supplements for Omega 3 help EWCM

Decaf green tea help EWCM

Pregnacare conception tablets for him and her

Use Clearblue Fertility Monitor

No saunas or cycling for him

Once a week have massage or reflexology

fooolofbeans Thu 25-Aug-16 17:45:03

Hi All thanks so much for all the tips so far

I can lean towards a BMI of 18.5/19 and wondered if >20 is classed as healthier in terms of fertility.

I'm cutting down to 2 cups of tea/day and DH is down to one cup of coffee/day

Also, although I know it's really hard, relaxation is vital - so plenty of sleep and doing whatever you need to relax - yoga, walking, meditation, reading etc.

I think we'll make an appointment for November when I'll still be 34 but will have not used contraception for 12 months.

Alcohol and stress/relaxation are definitely the tricky ones especially as intense exercise is my go to stress reliever, might have to switch to long walk in the countryside on weekends and perhaps pilates mid week, weekly massage sounds wonderful i'll happily include that!!

I'll take a look at Taking Charge of Your Fertility as stress is probably a key factor for me.

i have a high intake of fruit and veg, take omega 3 and we're both on the pregnacare conception, i'm also making a concerted effort to drink around 2 litres of non caffeinated fluid/day.

Use Clearblue Fertility Monitor - yes the cost has previously put me off but might be time to splash out.

No saunas or cycling for him - Don't think either of these will be an issue.

Any more advice greatly appreciated especially the relaxing after work and beneficial exercise

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