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Hey AF, you're not welcome here!

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givingitago85 Thu 25-Aug-16 04:04:03

Sorry, just need a place to let this out...AF is coming so now I feel like a right idiot for thinking about the following this month:
Implantation bleeding
Nipples - mine (are the tingly?? How bout now?)
Surely we DTD enough, I mean we couldn't have physically done it more
My CM is like egg whites...yay, happy happy dance
This is it, this is the month
Is Beatrice an outdated name or awesome name..awesome!
Shame we called the dog Penny, I really like that name now
Oh god, I don't have boys names, I feel sexist...ok, um, I'll work on that
Google is my friend, Google can tell me all the things I want to hear and I'll just skip the bits I don't
Private midwives seem like a great idea..less people to look at my bits
Home birth...could I do it? Means Beatrice doesn't have to go near sick people but what about those lovely epidurals I have heard about...I might want one, I mean I don't want to want one, but maybe I will
Oh my god, this is it!!!
I will be the best mum in the world
I hope she has his temperament , much calmer than mine
Although she needs to be fiesty like me so she can hold her own
No daughter of mine will be walked all over!!
How will I tell DP, it's almost Father's Day, I could get a card and a hamper, it'll be lovely

Today: pink spotting, cramps, feel like I want to take up smoking again, yep, that'd be AF. F&$@ you AF

Onwards and upwards to another month.

AlwaysDancing1234 Thu 25-Aug-16 04:23:05

I recognise that feeling, you let yourself hope and then....
Sorry OP nothing useful to add other than keep your chin up, eat chocolate (stay away from the fags) cake flowers

givingitago85 Thu 25-Aug-16 04:25:45

Thanks Dancing, it's a tough game this TTC business, I think I can abstain from smoking with plenty of chocolate smile

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